RabbitMQ Exchange to Exchange Bindings [AMPQ]


The exchange-exchange binding  allows for messages to be sent/routed from one exchange to another exchange. Exchange-exchange binding works more or less the same  way as exchange-to-queue binding, the only significant difference from the surface is that both exchanges(source and destination) have to be specified.

Two major advantages of using exchange-exhhange bindings based on experience   and what I have found after doing some research are:

  •  Exchange-to-exchange bindings are much more flexible in terms of the topology  that you can design, promotes decoupling  & reduce binding churn
  • Exchange-to-exchange bindings are said to be very light weight and as a result help to increase performance *

Exchange-To-Exchange Topology

 Messaging Topology

Exchange-To-Exchange Topology Example [Python]

Setup Exchanges & Queues

Send Messages

Test sending messages to check that they are being routed to the correct exchanges and queues

 python send_message_test.py "test.tes.ticker" "lots of tick tock data"

 RabbitMq Management Screenshot



* I have not tested the performance  of exchange-to-queue and exchange-to-exhcnage myself

*Routing Topologies for Performance and Scalability with RabbitMQ

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