Email Service For Your Web Application (Amazon SES)

Considering the wide variety of email services currently available and the task of keeping all the moving parts of a start up running. For sending emails why not use one of the services already available ? What did you say … you want to save money ? want do be super “lean” ? Well I wasted a lot of time trying to get my emails from being routed to the spam folder amongst other things.

  • Metrics around your email
  • One less infrastructure based service to maintain
  • Fewer rejects and as a result higher conversions

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Open Source Antivirus Protection for Macs

[23 March  2012]  Seems I had this rant in my draft



In my humble opinion, it is absolutely necessary to have basic antivirus protection installed on your Mac regardless of the number of virus currently out there for the Mac.

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In short its about being prepared

No personal computer exists in a vacuum. As elegantly designed as Macs are, a connected world means that their popularity attracts the attention of malware writers and virus engineers. Not only can malware and other threats attack the Mac OS X platform directly, but Macs can also serve as a carrier of Windows or Linux-based threats. Network shares, email and removable media like USB keys are easy ways for multiplatform malware to spread undetected. Additionally, third party applications which are not consistently patched and updated, are prime targets for hackers to gain control of user systems.