OS X is NOT Bullet Proof (Mac Viruses – Fiction or Fact)


As most of us know, Macs have a  “renowned”  virus free reputation at least to the society at large.Mac’s aren’t immune to viruses  and there is no reason to believe that they will now and forever be “virus free” .. unless they had some form of super dupper force field that magically protects them, which unfortunately they dont.

I am sure there are other  reasons why  the Mac appears to be virus free.However one of the main reasons   Continue reading…

Packaging Applications Benefits and Deploying Applications using Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003


Deploying and maintaining applications across multiple PC’s  across an organization is  demanding and time consuming especially  when machines are constantly being refreshed. Packaging applications, provides a centralized location to automatically manage, deploy, repair and patch applications. A Few of the benefits of packaging applications are:
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