Ruby on Rails Note To Self – File Upload App

Wow, this article has been long overdue. I have been learning so much, but have not given this blog the priority it deserves. I refuse to use the excuse of “not enough time” 🙁

Even though , the full code is in my GitHub. This post is a reminder and a compilation of the resources , I used to complete my first webapp using Ruby on Rails.

The File Upload App currently allows a user to upload and save any file type, download the files belonging to that user and of course deleting the uploaded files if necessary. It also has a small admin mode, where the user with administrator privileges can see all files uploaded by all users and has the ability to delete both users and files uploaded.

I used the following to develop the complete WebApp

  1. 1. Twitter Bootstrap for UI etc.
  2. 2. Devise for authentication
  3. 3. Paperclip for handling uploads
  4. 4.Annotate for detailed model info


Listing All Users Registered Using Devise

Add the following to your users_controller to get all the users.

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