Dev Stuff

Actively learning both Ruby & Python. Currently uses Perl on a daily basis at my job.  I will try to post my adventures to Github –>

[23 March 2012] – Have done a few personal projects , have not pushed them to Github yet. Will do soon.

Sys. Admin

In summary lead system administrator in a lab of over 50 computers & servers. During my time I completed the following projects:

  • Installed & configured Pfsense ( ) firewall with WAN, LAN and DMZ interfaces to replace old IP Filter firewall system running on FreeBSD 4.9
  • Deployed VMware Vsphere on 2 Sunfire X4450 Servers and configured VMware Vcenter. Migrated physical servers to our virtual infrastructure.
  • Racked and Configured 2 Sans Digital EliteNAS EN104L+XE using Openfiler ( with a total  capacity of 8TB. Created Raid 5 volumes used by Vsphere via ISCSI. Also used by  Windows servers for storing packages, os, images etc.
  • Configured the following roles on new Windows 2003  & 2008 domain controller: DNS, Active Directory, Windows Deployment Services and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit amongst others.
  • Configured 15 node HPC cluster using ( . Installed and configured Abaqus( ) and Fluent ( )

Done a variety of other projects. Will try to keep this list updated as I go a long.