Iterm2 + Homebrew + Htop + MacVim = Awesomeness

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To get  ”awesomeness”  you will need to install the following:

Iterm2  is basically a  replacement/alternative for Terminal on the Mac OS X with mad cool features. A few of the features that I like so far are:
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  • Expose Tabs
  • 256 color  - makes coding much easier to follow
  • Autocomplete
  • Among others

Homebrew is a package manager for the Mac OS X that allows you to install  other linux/unix packages that are not included in OS X such as wget or Htop which  I am going to install today

Htop  is the process viewer that I have been looking for . Now I no longer use atMonitor (sorry guys). I am a  poweruser and as a result I always  check like to have an overview of my resources, specifically   memory. Now I use Htop within Iterm

MacVim is really just vim for OS X

Installing  Homebrew

 ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Yup that’s it, the script does all the work

Install Htop

 brew install htop
sudo htop

Installing MacVim

brew install macvim
mvim file.rb

And that’s all folks, now back to learning/development


Additional Links

Themes for Iterm2  -


  1. Dixon   •  

    I’m a Mac newb (came from GNU/Debian) and I don’t really understand how to install software on my Mac yet. How do you get iTerm2 installed?

      • Ed Bragg   •  

        Thanks! I too am new to mac and have been trying to figure how to install some apps. Some seem to have .dmg installers, but iTerm seemed like a stand-alone app. Didn’t even know what/where the Application folder. But now I know.

        Thanks again!

        So glad to have my vim too!

    • Dwayne V Campbell   •     Author

      I had trouble with macports. Brew made it simply for me.

      Yup screen never gets old. I just started playing around with tmux

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