Iterm2 + Homebrew + Htop + MacVim = Awesomeness

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To get  “awesomeness”  you will need to install the following:

Iterm2  is basically a  replacement/alternative for Terminal on the Mac OS X with mad cool features. A few of the features that I like so far are:
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  • Expose Tabs
  • 256 color  – makes coding much easier to follow
  • Autocomplete
  • Among others

Homebrew is a package manager for the Mac OS X that allows you to install  other linux/unix packages that are not included in OS X such as wget or Htop which  I am going to install today

Htop  is the process viewer that I have been looking for . Now I no longer use atMonitor (sorry guys). I am a  poweruser and as a result I always  check like to have an overview of my resources, specifically   memory. Now I use Htop within Iterm

MacVim is really just vim for OS X

Installing  Homebrew

Yup that’s it, the script does all the work

Install Htop

Installing MacVim

And that’s all folks, now back to learning/development


Additional Links

Themes for Iterm2  –


  1. Dixon   •  

    I’m a Mac newb (came from GNU/Debian) and I don’t really understand how to install software on my Mac yet. How do you get iTerm2 installed?

      • Ed Bragg   •  

        Thanks! I too am new to mac and have been trying to figure how to install some apps. Some seem to have .dmg installers, but iTerm seemed like a stand-alone app. Didn’t even know what/where the Application folder. But now I know.

        Thanks again!

        So glad to have my vim too!

    • Dwayne V Campbell   •     Author

      I had trouble with macports. Brew made it simply for me.

      Yup screen never gets old. I just started playing around with tmux

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