Packaging Applications Benefits and Deploying Applications using Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003


Deploying and maintaining applications across multiple PC’s  across an organization is  demanding and time consuming especially  when machines are constantly being refreshed. Packaging applications, provides a centralized location to automatically manage, deploy, repair and patch applications. A Few of the benefits of packaging applications are:



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  • Reduce end user support cost – The same application can be administered and deployed to multiple users
  • Minimize user disruption – Automated installation, applications can be installed on a users PC, in the background without interrupting or prompting the user.
  • Version Control – Ensures that the same version of an application is distributed throughout the organization., which reduces compatibility issues .This also contributes to reducing end user support
  • Application Inventory – Basically knowing collectively what applications have been deployed, which applications are on a specific group of PC’s etc

There are much more benefits to application packaging, however I believe I have listed the main ones.

Packaging Using WinInstall MSI


1.        Scalable Software WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional (Installed)

2.       Windows Server 2003  – domain controller , active directory etc.

Please click on the link below to download the PDF tutorial.

Packaging Applications to Be Deployed in an Enterprise Environment Using Wise WinInstall

I will blog about using VMware ThinApp( )instead of WinInstall MSI Packager to package  and deploy your applications in another blog post

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